Sustainability Statement

Gear Geeks' success has come from its mission of being "Your Alternative Choice" and putting our customers first by identifying their need for quality, value and service. These attributes are the foundations of our mission. But we also know that our job doesn't stop there.


We understand we have a shared responsibility with other successful businesses to act as a role model. Most importantly it means reducing the impacts in the social, environmental and economic spaces. Making positive steps to approach business decisions in a responsible and caring way is at the heart of what we do.


We will work with the needs of the Gear Geek and local community in mind by:

  • Invest in our local community through office and warehouse growth and community charity programmes.
  • Offer local employment career opportunities and supporting local economic activity.
  • Motivate people and our local community where we operate to reach their goals.

We endeavour to:

  • Offer local employment career opportunities.
  • Support local economic activity.
  • Invest in our local community through office and warehouse growth and community charity programmes.
  • Offer customers quality alternative choice products, excellent customer service and a safe shopping platform.


We will align our actions with current environmental best practice by:

  • Implementing procedures to monitor and reduce direct and indirect environmental impacts of our operations.
  • Develop a programme for continuous improvement addressing climate change, pollution prevention, resource utilisation and waste minimisation.
  • Meet all required legislative requirements and adopting best practice throughout our operations.
  • Share our progress on environmental policies and practices.

We endeavour to:

  • Working with our suppliers on environmental impact and reducing unnecessary packaging on our products.
  • Engaging our customers to empower them to play a part in minimising impact on the environment.
  • Managing our climate change risks.
  • Working collaboratively with other online retail to address common issues affecting the sector.


We strive to achieve high levels of sustainable procurement by:

  • Implement procedures that ensure our products are ethically sourced with minimal levels of packaging and offer how to use and recycle in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Set objectives that assist us with key issues such as product packaging.
  • Implement a responsible product and supplier sourcing strategy.

We endeavour to:

  • Provide sustainable products that provide value for our customers and make our team happy to recommend while minimising environmental impact.
  • Give customers transparency to make informed and responsible purchasing decisions.
  • Work with existing and new suppliers to establish more sustainable products.