About Us

Our Mission

"Your Alternative Choice" is the ethos Gear Geek was built on. Offering alternative choice to branded products is where we find our purpose and provide most value. We believe all consumers should have choice and not be limited to a handful of brands dominating a category of products.


We strive for a simpler approach to products, where comparisons are made by the products function rather than its brand and where price isn't set by a lack of choice. Consumers are looking for alternative choice more than ever and we are here to support better buying decisions.


That is the Gear Geek mission.

Our Promise

We value our customers immensely - they are at the heart of our business. We promise to only sell our customers the highest-quality products, connecting them to suppliers we know and trust who share our mission.


We pledge to offer our customers the most affordable prices on the market, and consistently reward them for their loyalty and trust in us. Our mission can only continue with our loyal customers and we show our appreciation to them whenever we can.

We will closely monitor the top brands and latest models. We promise to meet our customers' needs and we strive to introduce them to new products, so that they do not get left behind as the world continues to evolve.


We promise to serve our customers with the highest standard of customer service as our stellar customer service team are on hand to deal effectively with any queries or complaints our customers may have. We endeavour to ensure our many customers have an incredibly satisfying experience shopping with us.


That is the Gear Geek promise.